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What is Love?

Its funny that for so long we are asking this question. What is Love? Its even funnier that we try to define it by a single word, or feeling, or a sentence, or a relationship.

Attention is an expression of LOVE, paying attention with all your being, observing closely, listening with your heart and soul. Being conscious of life in every moment. That is love, the love for life. As you truly learn to Love LIFE, you begin to realize that EVERYTHING in life is actually a form, an expression, a creation of Love. The Love between a man an a women creates the first cry of a new born. The love of parents raises a child. The Infinite Love and Consciousness of the UNIVERSE creates the planets, and in them the infinite forms of life. The passion and curiosity of a being creates art. The love and attention to ones soul creates poetry. Everything is traced back to LOVE, our very purpose for Being.





Everything was created by love at one point or another.


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