Understanding the feminine

The Woman represents the Mystery of the Universe, the Unseen, the Imagination. These are the attributes that the currently failing patriarchal system felt the need to erase and hide from our understanding.

Why? Have you ever wondered?

If I can share my observation of the current psyche of the collective consciousness, which is the reflection of our corrupt system, I would have to say that humanity has been unaware and therefore afraid. We have been conditioned to fear that which we don’t know, and even that which we do know. Anything that does not guarantee security and safety is resisted and feared. Well truth is, NOTHING is guaranteed, that is a simple fact of our existence. The Earth continues to spin, the Sun continues to shine, the Moon continues to rise, allowing us to exist. So how would you rationalize these forces into security, or guarantee their existence in the next moment even?. Its the Great MYSTERY of our Universe that all of these bodies function in the most perfect harmony to exist and sustain life. Just as our self, our body, our mind, our communication, we are expressions of the Universe, that simply cant always be rationalized, put into measure, words or form.


Every one of us has feelings, imagination, creativity, sensitivity, vulnerability, the feminine aspect, the force that drives transformation and evolution. Our minds have been trained to quite or even neglect this part of our self, because this is the part of our self that does not tolerate stagnation, injustice, limits, violence, fear.The feminine principle within us is the voice that calls for a deeper understanding, for a meaningful existence, for beauty in everything, for peace and love. The dominant masculine forces based only on aggression, greed, power and destruction will not be able to control humanity as long as we allow our wild feminine nature to rise, and flow with the current of the Cosmic waves as they cleanse our Mother Earth.

Our planet Earth is a Divine Feminine Spirit that lives by the Laws of the Universe, the Laws that we have forgotten and ignored. Neglecting this part of our being not only disrupts the natural harmony within our Self thereby causing disharmony with the Other, But it causes great damage to our Mother EARTH, our Nature, our home.

The Woman is the Unknown, the unpredictable, the ever transforming fluidity of the fabric of the Universe, the filter of Evolution. She is the Kundalini Rising, the Wisdom of Source. She moves like water, a gentle stream or a fatal tsunami. She whispers in subtle sensuality or shrieks in anger and pain. She gives life to take it back and give it again. She is the Cycle of Life manifested in a human being. Her Cause is the Cause of Love and Creation. She is devoted to infinite expansion of the Universe by recycling the negative into positive. She has risen from the hidden depths, and is awakening within each one of us.

She is the Image of Creator, in every expression of her being. With the magical body that cleanses itself every month to stay pure, support and GIVE LIFE, with the creative mind that sees the beauty of life, with the patient soul that can endure the worst, and still give her best, with the healing hands that understand the secrets of nature.

The male collective of the World is currently processing a MAJOR healing and RESET, to accept that which they have consciously and subconsciously feared. This can be pretty challenging, I know, but this is why women are being asked to reach deeper into their soul and Wisdom, more than ever. Mother asks her daughter to really listen to her truth, to the Ancient Wisdom she carries in her Womb, to the yearning of her Soul, to listen and to take action to heal herself  and her beloved man, he needs all the support he can get at this time, from the collective Feminine as well as all celestial beings and ascended masters, for Planet Earth to regain its total balance.


Now is the time to be TRUE to who you are dear Women, remember your purpose, regain all that you stand for, offer your infinite compassion, patience, insight and care. You are the spiral of transformation, it will not be easy, but you must stand firm in your truth, as the Divine Feminine returns through you with the Purest and Highest intention. Tune in… to the Wisdom of your Divine Mother…. she dwells deep within your soul…awaiting your attention. You must remember to ask her for assistance, acknowledge her presence, listen and TRUST… She always responds.

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