We live our daily lives without quite noticing the little things that make up the entire existence. We miss the little connections that lead to the major connections. We worry about money, something that did not form from pure consciousness. It is not a form of love, so I never really resonated with the concept of using money to put value on life, or making it  the ultimate purpose or destination. It seems so dull, so empty, so boring, so irrelevant and foolish.

I mean could you not tell just by looking at the sky, just by looking up at the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and how they shine, brighten, fill and LOVE, every day? Have you not felt this magnificence ever? Have you not stopped for a moment and just looked up to observe the sky? If you have not then you are missing EVERYTHING, all of Life. Because if you give that moment a chance, if you truly go into observing the existence of that moment, how full it is, how vast, how limitless, how pure and beautiful it is, you can experience total peace, you can feel your soul vibrating with the Universe, it is pure observation. It is Love.

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