One of the most powerful methods of learning, about yourself, about others, about all life on this planet and the rest of the Universe is observation. You can truly observe something when you have no biased opinion of it already, when you forget all conditioning about it. Why I bring up observation is because it is so simple, yet so powerful. You can learn so much about a plant just by observing it, by noticing the structure of the stems, the direction of the veins, how it reaches upward, for its Source. When you patiently observe a child’s difficult behavior from a distance, you will learn more and come to a better resolution than if you were to have a talk and try to make them understand your perception. Just as well, you can also learn about yourself, by observing your moods, your behavior, your thoughts, what makes you happy, what brings you down, what makes you inspired, how you feel about a certain thing. Observe yourself as if you are watching from a distance, without judging, without opinion, just watch YOU. I believe that it really clears up a lot of things within ourselves, revealing our true passion, our calling, our weakness, our setbacks, but once you know it, you can change it. This of course has a huge ripple effect, beginning to purely observe yourself , others, all life, all activity, not only improves your relationship with yourself, it improves how you relate to others, how everyone relates to each other, how everything is connected. You begin to see the world in a magical flow, and life is just that. A lot of the revolutionaries and visionaries made their breakthroughs because of constant, focused, unbiased observation, of the simplest things like the shape of a snowflake.

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