To some of us meditation means sitting with your legs crossed for a certain amount of time, trying not to think. For others it means dancing, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing. All of these forms are definitely outlets from our mental blabber, therefore are a form of meditation. I personally do it all, sitting in silence, painting, dancing, cooking, singing, etc. Eventually you come to a point where your entire life is a meditation. As you walk, as you talk, as you touch, as you see, as you speak you become totally conscious of your actions and your mind starts to get less and less noisy. Meditation is a way of life, the focus and attention you do everything with. Being present in every moment, is literally the key to a healthy life. The presence is what IS NOW, giving it all of your focus and attention is the act of devotion and love. When you accept every moment and learn from it, life blooms with love. You are tuning out the train of thoughts, you are embracing life in all its glory. Breaking the pattern of negative thoughts, in whatever way that works best for you, makes space for creating and manifesting your own beautiful reality. Life as you know it becomes the meditation, the NIRVANA.

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