Beautiful bronze statue at Durbar Square, Nepal


Faith is not something you believe because I tell you. Faith is something you have because you are alive. Faith is the core of every situation every moment in existence is a definition of faith. Out of all the things you can be… You are a being with a consciousness and the free will to choose and create. All the power and energy of the Universe conspired you to be here NOW, to witness, to live and be love. Out of the infinite possibilities you ARE the ONE… The creator, able to transform anything with the light and love you were born from. In your darkest moments and toughest struggles, look at yourself, a magical being, a miracle of creation. You are the faith, of Mother Earth. She brought you into this existence, so you can see the beauty that you are that she is and do nothing but that. Be the beauty, be the love, carry the faith… Always. No amount of slumber and illusion can withstand this light of truth. The way to the light is through the strength of your faith.

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