I was born in Uzbekistan, in the land once known as Persia, into a Tajik family. My grandparents raised me with their Ancient Wisdom and Magic. Stories of the Kings of the Orient, poetry of the Sufis, medicines of the Persian polymaths were a part of my every day life. Fascinated by the Mysteries of life, I could not wait to explore them all. Thanks to my father I spent a lot of my childhood traveling. Living in different continents really opened my mind to the beauty of our World, while going back to live with my grandparents firmed my roots deep in the Earth and elevated my dreams to the highest stars.

My grandmother taught me about the spirit world, dream interpretation, power of thought, gratitude, intention and integrity. She naturally connected everything to everything, and it made total sense. She taught me of the angels, the magic of prayer, the spirit of nature, healing power of the plants. She had learned from her mother. Magic has always been our way of life. I feel blessed to have been born into such an ancient lineage.

I was 11 when I parted with my childhood in Uzbekistan and moved to the United States. Throughout adolescent years I was adapting to the life in America and coping with the passage of my Grandmother.  I occupied myself with art and school, and in some ways neglected my spirituality. At 18 I found myself seeking higher purpose, so I dove back into the world of Mysteries, studying psychology, dreams, astrology, plant medicines, self healing, and of course art. Today I am a hopeless lover of the Mystery, of the Sacred Feminine Spirit that keep calling out to me. My life is devoted to sharing the deeper, invisible aspects of our existence in the hope to re-ignite the connection to the Spirit realm and to bring back the feminine aspect that has so long been hidden. I consider myself a servant of Mother Earth, working for a non-profit organization, Rainforest Awareness Worldwide, as well as learning and practicing alternative options for healing, exploring and living in harmony with our planet.

I envision the day that every being is happy, healthy and in peace.... evolving in HARMONY with our Mother Earth. That is not only up to me, but I know I can do my part to BE the change this world so desperately needs. I share with you from the depths of my Soul, my personal journey through experience, healing, and service.... with the intention that it may shed light and assist anyone with their own healing and ascension.

I am guided to share the love in my heart, the beauty in my eyes, the passion in my soul and dedicate this website to the return of the Sacred Feminine within us all, to my dear Grandmother in the heights of the Astral, to the healing and balance of Mother Earth and all of her Creation.